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Without an electrician, there would be no lights, no dvd players, and no TVs plugged into our walls. Electricians bring us electricity and install the wires that carry electricity through houses, offices, and factories. They can also fix electric machines.

For some jobs Electricians start by reading blueprints—that show how electricity flows. Blueprints show where to put the wires, electrical equipment, and outlets for plugs. When working on a brand new building, electricians draw new blueprints.

Then, electricians put tubes or pipes within the walls. They pull wires through tubes to connect the boxes and make a path for the electricity to follow. Pathways for electricity is called a circuits.

Electricians also add circuit breakers, transformers, and other equipment to control how electricity goes. Electricians make sure the right amount of electricity goes to the machines that use it. We at Excel Electric follow strict rules about how to wire buildings.

After they finish wiring, electricians use special devices to measure the amount of electricity going through the system.

Electricians also install wires for phones, computers, and fire alarms. Sometimes, they use fiber optic cable.

Maintenance electricians fix electrical machines or broken wiring. Some focus on houses. They might rewire a house, or they could replace an old fuse box with one that can run more appliances.

Some electricians work in factories or large facilities. They might fix motors, generators, lighting and robots. They also inspect equipment and fixing it before it breaks. They tell factory managers when equipment needs to be replaced. Electricians put in new electrical equipment as well.

Electricians use wire strippers, knives, hacksaws, testers and power tools. Some electricians stand for a longer time and climb ladders. Some do work in dusty, dirty, or hot places.

Workers need to be careful to avoid falls, cuts, and electric shocks. They need good hand-eye coordination and be good at seeing the different colors of wire.